6 Ways to Overcome Negative People

Did you ever felt depressed when you were surrounded by negative people? Most of the people do, this is due to the emotional contagion of our neurons by which we will be reflected with the emotions of people that we are surrounded by.

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overcome negative people
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We all tend to drawn towards negativity. We always feel negative when we are surrounded by negative people. This can cause serious problems in our life affecting our personality, profession, and family life. So always surround yourself with positive people who will inspire and motivate you throughout your journey. They will cheer you up and lift you in your tough times. To overcome negative people is the first step towards your success journey.

It is important to surround yourself with people who lift you, encourage you, share your vision, and inspire you. Les Brown

Positivity and negativity are highly dependent on the quality of the relationship you have. If you have some friends who always try to discourage you in your every step, will you be able to do something remarkable in your life? You cannot. It may also affect your judgment about others, if you always hear negative things about somebody from your friends slowly you will start hating that person.

How to understand negative people?

  • They always find your faults.
  • They constantly complain.
  • They always say you can’t do it.
  • They never accept your views and try to force their view on you.
  • They always blame you.
  • They always talk bad about others in their absence.
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If you have people with any of those above-mentioned characters, try to keep away from them. Such people will never give you anything better in your life, instead, they are like parasites that spoil your life with negativity and fear factors.

How to move away from negative people?

Many of the people indeed fail in their life due to the toxic people that surround them, it not only affect your career but it may destroy your personal life, family life, and spoil relationship in a long run. So how to overcome negative people?

Understand their motive and distance yourself

Some people will have a certain motive in spreading negativity and some others are simply pessimistic. So, the first thing you need to do is to understand the motive behind negative people. If you find something that motivates them to spread negative things, keep a distance with such people. As you may not be able to avoid them completely, tell your mind about the motives, and slowly practice your mind to ignore them completely.

Some people are simply pessimistic, such people are not doing it intentionally or for any benefits but they are negative by their nature. Try to motivate them and lift them to come out of pessimism. This is the best thing you can do to them as a friend.

Spend less time with them

The intensity of the negativity spread is directly proportional to the time you spend with negative people, so spend less time with such people. They do no good for you, instead, they will create a toxic mindset inside yourself that ultimately lead to depression and pessimism.

You cannot avoid them completely but try to be as minimum as possible.

Without your permission, nobody can come to you and spend time with you. Don’t allow negative people to steal your time and mind. Try to spend time with positive topics, listening to music, and talking with positive people. This will ultimately motivate you and lift your mental strength.

Define boundaries

Once you identified negative people, the next step is to set boundaries with such people, don’t too often engage or discuss with them. When they start crossing the limits and talk nonsense, stop them by saying you are not interested in such topics. You may not be able to avoid negative people completely. But you can set clear boundaries with such people.

“One key to successful relationships is learning to say no without guilt, so that you can say yes without resentment.” Bill Crawford

The art of saying no is the best thing you can learn in your life. It is the root cause of many problems that you face in your life. Don’t feel guilty about saying no to negative people. Maintaining an emotional distance with them is always required for you to get rid of those toxic discussions.

Never debate with them

Debates are good for improving knowledge and understanding the subject from a wider angle, but this is true if you debate with the right people. Not all people are good at debate. And for god sake never debate with negative people. They will always make you worst.

“You can never win an argument with a negative person. They only hear what suits them and listen only to respond.” — Michael P. Watson

You are not going to win any argument or debate with a negative person, so better not to debate. They are not going to change their perception or mindset with your facts and data. Their motive is different and their thoughts are inclined to their motive. So always try to avoid debating with negative people.

Never seek their consent

Many of us have the habit of seeking consent with our friends or family members or business partners or even people whom we are close. It is sometimes good to seek the opinion of others in your career or business. Never ask or seek opinions with negative people, they will always see some problems in everything.

As somebody said, “Stay away from negative people, they have a problem with every solution”. Yes, it is damn true that they always find problems in everything they see. You will fall in their opinion that will ultimately affect your decision making.

Bring positive people around you

Just like negative people can demotivate you, positive people can brighten your thoughts and lift you in your critical situations. Find time to surround with positive people, engage in conversation with them an bring their positive thought to your life. This will slowly surpass your negative thoughts and keep yourself away from such people.

Happiness and positivity will influence success at a greater depth. So, it is so important to be with positive people in your life, they will inspire you, cheer up you, and motivate you to climb better heights. 

If you don’t find such people around you, find articles and books that share positive thoughts and enlightens you. There are a lot of self-help books and articles you can find on the internet that can keep on motivating you in your tough times. Try to develop a habit of reading one such article every day when you start your work. This will have a significant impact on your thoughts and inspire you indefinitely.


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Positivity is a way of mindset; it is about how you think and how your thought is centered. Being optimistic is the best way to chase bigger dreams and achieve greater heights in your life. But a little negativity can completely spoil your spirit and make you down, so try to be with positive people who can lift you in your life and give back by being the light for others in their life.

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