6 Ways to Overcome Depression and Loneliness During a Pandemic

Have you ever come across depression or loneliness? In the middle of the global COVID-19 pandemic, where there are a lot of uncertainties and isolation, it will become worse for many people.

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Depression and loneliness are some of the worst things that can come to one’s life. COVID had made heavy financial damages and mental issues to the people around the world. The pandemic has forced people to become home prisoned, and now people are facing a crisis in terms of finance. The first thing towards finding a solution for this is, to admit that you are going through that tough situation.

People are mostly at home for 24 hours, since they are out of work or has work from home schedule also, they can’t meet the friends or assemble for the party since social distancing has to be maintained at all cost.

This is the reason we have come with significant ways in which you can mitigate depression with ease. Being home prisoned is not a curse, but it is a blessing. You will get to know when you read the entire article till the end

There is hope, even when your brain tells you there isn’t.—John Green

Some of the question that I had heard from many

  • What should I do if I am facing anxiety due to the coronavirus pandemic?
  • How can I reduce stress and depression down during the coronavirus pandemic?
  • How to we take care of our physical and mental health during a pandemic?
  • How to overcome loneliness during the COVID pandemic?

Highlights of the discussion

  • Six things that will keep your out of your depression
  • The techniques used work many of you
  • Self-motivation is the key to your success
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1. Keep things organized

Research says that most people are unable to be productive during the day since they don’t know what to do with their time. They don’t know which works to prioritize, and hence they are stressed all the time. To avoid this thing should keep things cataloged.

During your office hours, you had so many words that you could not make time for yourself; you only wished for a time when you could sleep peacefully, and no nobody with bothering you. Guess what? Now you have that. Just organized your schedule. Earlier it was breakfast, work, and dinner. Now prioritize as breakfast, online course, dinner. You can invest some time in updating your industry domain every day, in this way you can always be latest and updated with your professional skillsets and trends in the industry.

In conclusion, either you following a work from home routine or completely unemployed. So, you should upskill yourself with some online courses and not waste it watching TV series.

2. Start something you are passionate about

Doing something that is passionate will bring down the tension and loneliness. You can think about starting a vlog or start cooking variety of dishes. See, you have always admired the movie stars and how they present in Infront of the camera. Don’t you think the pandemic has opened doors to new opportunities? There are have so many people who loved video blogging but did not get time since they were buried in their job.

Now it’s the time to bring forward your creativity. If you good at painting, make a video of it and post it on YouTube. If you are an excellent film reviewer, share your opinion with others through YouTube.

If you are not good at shooting things or interested in creating videos, i would recomend you to start something like cooking new dishes and try new thing daily.

3. Pen down your thoughts

We have seen so many people have incredible writing talent. They don’t pen it down, since they don’t have time.  Now you have so much time for yourself, that you put your writing skills to test.

Start with free websites like WordPress, BlogSpot, or Medium. Write your thoughts on that. Share your thoughts and appreciate constructive criticism.  Thus, don’t get upset when somebody doesn’t understand your writeup.  Welcome feedback and see them where you need to improve. In this way, you will evolve as a writer.

If you are not a tech-savvy person I suggest you go with a diary, pen down your thoughts, and try to write whatever you like. Getting busy is the best way to get away from depression.

4. Work on physique

We understand the excuse when you said, I am obese because I don’t have time to exercise. Now you can’t escape with this excuse.  You have a lot of time for yourself now. Just do mild exercise at your home and get your body in shape.  

Also, limit yourself with a healthy diet plan. As you know, 80 % is food, and 20 % is exercise. So, there is no point in the training if you don’t have a proper diet plan. so, we recommend that you, take maximum care of your health, in this pandemic.

Spending time for exercise or yoga can significantly increase positive thoughts and energy levels in individuals. A healthy body will give you a healthy mind and positive thoughts throughout the day.

5. Talk more

This means opening up with friends and family. During your workday, your hard time for your family. You used to skip family gatherings for work.  No matter how frustrated you are, you did have time to share your feelings. Taking to closed ones, relatives and friends will help to get some safe feeling, it can increase happiness and reduce depression.

The time has come that you be an open book.  Whatever may be the problem, talk to your friends and family for advice. They would love to help you, and you will overcome difficulties with ease.

6. Read your favorite books

Reading of course is one of the best medicines to get out of loneliness, but always remember to read positive books that keep you motivated all time. But remember you should be careful in choosing the type of books while you are battling with depression or loneliness, you can select self-help books, motivational and inspiring books, and books that give positive thoughts.

Many of my friends had used reading as main hobby to over come their loneliness, they always choose books that give positive thoughts and give a fresh mind. You may not be a avid reader but if you choose the best topics that you like, it will slowly change your habits and you will start loving reading.

Bottom line

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“No matter what you are going through, there is a light at the end of the tunnel”- Demi Lovato

Getting occupied is the single best thing you can do to overcome depression or loneliness. Identify the best things that you like and get occupied by doing that.

Once things get to normal. Everything will get back to nature. Situations will be normalized and you will again strive to make time for yourself. So, use this time to upgrade yourself for better living.

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