6 Ways You Can Improve Your Writing

Did you ever think why some writers getting more audience than some others? Or Did you ever wonder how some books sold a million copies?

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improve your writing
improve your writing

Whether you’re a blogger, author, editor, or aspiring short story writer, it’s not always about the recognition or pay. The values and messages you pass to your readers, and how well it can influence them, is what matters.

Being a successful writer doesn’t mean you make a lot of money; it means you have a strong audience and they are influenced by your stories, articles, or books. Creating value is something that every writer should do. Writing means learning new things. Every article or book, no matter how small or insignificant, is an opportunity to learn something new.

You are not a writer by just writing a blog article or publishing an eBook. Many are doing that, but it requires a lot of learning efforts, and passion to become an influencing writer in your niche. How do you start to stand out in your niche in this virtual land of opportunities? Hope the strategies mentioned below, will help you immensely as a writer.

1. Set your goals

Various studies have reported that writing down your goals while producing content helps you get a satisfying outcome. Before starting your writing, set a list of goals about your goals. This will helps in planning your content strategy.

You can just ask yourself: Why are you writing this book or article?

Will it help to make a person’s life better? Or Will it help somebody to launch a business easier? Will it motivate your readers to chase their dreams? Your goals should be aligned with your audience and their expectation. It should solve any of their pain points, this is how you can create values for your readers.

2. Be resilient

Whether you are a writer or an entrepreneur or a marketer, you cannot go without hearing criticizing and rejections from people around you. Being optimistic and resilient is important to handle those rejections and criticisms. By being resilient, you’ll learn to convert the negative noise and bounce back from setbacks stronger than ever.

“Optimism is a perfectly legitimate response to failure” — Stephen King

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You will face plenty of rejections and criticisms, but remember that they are just the opinions of others. The best way is to take it constructively to improve yourself every day. J.K. Rowling’s pitch for ‘Harry Potter’ was rejected 12 times before it got published. You cannot skip of rejections or criticisms in your success path.

3. Write regularly

Write every day, it will make your writing skills sharp and unlocks your full potential of creativity and imagination. It will make you consistent in your writing career. Set a target for every day and finish it before you go to bed. This will help to fill your brain with creativity and thinking.

I have seen writers, who are very excited to enter this profession. For a few days, they continue with a lot of concentration and create great content. As the pressure increases in word counts have to be made within deadlines. Things start to go downhill. 

They no longer can produce great content as they lack consistency.  To eliminate the issue, you need to practice writing every day. Take the help of free blogging sites available and write your thoughts on topics that you are interested in. This will ultimately help you to write good content regularly.

4. Create an online presence

We are living in a digital era. Be a short story writer, author novelist, or copywriter, creating your online presence will enhance your identity. It will help in reaching your writings to more and more people through social media, and other digital communities. Maintain a blog for yourself and publish articles and stories that can attract a loyal audience through social media and other online channels.

It doesn’t matter if you are working as a freelancer or an employee for a company. Blogging is something that should never come halt. You never know what’s in store for you.  There will come a time when you want to be your boss and for that blogging is very necessary. Create a website and start writing on various topics.

5. Read more than you write

Why do I this?  Because it actually works. To be a good writer you need to read a lot. Reading helps in enhancing your creativity and thinking. Reading their flow and their style of writing will improve you as a writer. It will also help in getting creative ideas and thinking power. 

Reading—the good and the bad—inspires you. It develops your palate for all the tricks that writers have invented over the years. You can learn from textbooks about the writing craft, but there’s no substitute for discovering for yourself how a writer pulls off a trick. Then that becomes part of your experience. – Roz Morris

As you read more books, your English vocabulary gets improved. So when you write, that will get portrayed in front of your audience.  Never compete with anyone, compete with yourself and be the best version of yourself.

6. Engage with your audience

Engage your readers with comments and feedback frequently is important to become a successful writer. Try to get feedback and comments from your readers. By getting feedback from readers you will learn how to improve your skills and also get them to pay attention to your words.

When they comment of your blog post, be sure to reply; don’t make the reader feel unappreciated because the reader has invested his precious time reading your information, so value that.  

Bottom line!

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Remember not everybody can become a writer as everyone doesn’t have consistency, good vocabulary and creativity. If you want to become the best in the game, you need to follow these techniques that are stated above that will help emerge you as an ace writer.  If you think I have missed any point, comment on your responses below.

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